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Is That Your Final Answer?

This week, I’m afraid to admit that I hesitated.  What if the venue isn’t a good idea and I wind up failing?  I tried to think of alternative ideas, ideas to open a different shop that just so happened to double as a venue.  A bakery that hosts events?  You could get married and have a fresh cake right out of the oven!  Or maybe I should just give up this capital-intensive dream, get married, have a kid and continue working in finance at a ho-hum job?  At least I’ll have job security, a 401k and a steady paycheck.  I could be a chicken and not be broke forever!!  I know I’m being a dramatic chicken.  Cluck cluck. 

How do the successful entrepreneurs do it?  Did they ever question what they were doing and getting themselves into?  How many failures did they have before they reached success?  What do they spread on their bagels? 


So what happened?  I started considering the job I have now.  I definitely feel unappreciated.   After being here for almost two years, I’ve only moved inches.  I’m miserable, but this company I work for is awesome.  I love the energy, the enthusiasm and I am so proud of the products created here.  For the first time, I’m excited to tell people whom I work for.  But seriously, the job sucks.  What if I had a different position in the same company?  I could request to be moved to a different function of finance, keep the great pay and benefits and work with people whom I can connect with.  The work won’t necessarily be any more challenging than it is now, so I might get bored, but I’d be happy wouldn’t I?  Yea, I don’t know either.  The hours would be long, and I’d have to put off any progress I want to make with Project V for another 2 years. 

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to stick with plan A.  So now it’s time to focus on February 2011.  Wish me luck, ya’ll!  I’m so going to need it.


The After Bite

In continuing the “I’m quitting in February, please don’t try to stop me” conversation from last week’s post, let’s discuss the thereafter.  In a nutshell, I really don’t know what will happen.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but the truth is, February is sort of the unknown.  Yep, it’s a big, fat question mark.  Make that ten.


Going back to last week’s post, the point of this break is to gain experience as a coordinator.  I’ll try to get a gig as a venue coordinator, but I’m not placing any bets on this scenario.  Instead, I’m going to look for ways to gain experience indirectly.

The Plan:

  • Take a beginning photography class at a community college.

Class is held once a week, it will cost about $200 including books and I’ll learn about lighting needs for the venue.  Plus, I’ll be getting some much-needed technical skills so I won’t need to hire a pro!

  • Join Toastmasters for Women. 

There is a local chapter specifically targeted to females, and I cannot wait to be a part of that community.  I’m a terribly shy person, and I can’t think of a better cure for it than Toastmasters.  The group meets once a month.

I’ve been a wedding day-of coordinator for a few years now; it’s how I was introduced into the industry and where I fell in love with it.  Having a full-time job prevents me from taking more than three clients a year.  Being a DOC is a great way for me to see different venues and get a behind-the-scenes look.  The extra income during my unemployed days doesn’t hurt either!

Seriously, doesn’t that sound so cool?  I love architecture.  I brake for great design when I’m driving.  I can’t get enough of it, and my future venue is going to benefit from my time spent volunteering at MAK.  Plus, they host a lot of events and rent the spaces out.  If they’re willing to take me, I’d love to devote a few hours a week in the amazing space.

  • Focus on writing this blog.

There’s more that I want to talk about aside from Project V.  For instance, I want to start posting about other places and design elements that inspire me.  I want to talk about my own wedding planning experience.  I feel that Honey and T needs to be developed, it’s still so young.

  • Wildcard

Again, it’s the big question mark!  There are so many other things I want to do (e.g. take the California Food Safety Course), but I know I need to pace myself.

And then there’s that pesky thing called health insurance.  Our wedding date is in June, so that would mean three months until I can get on my fiance’s policy.  We considered eloping, but doesn’t health care take the romance out of a wedding?  I’ve decided to just take the gamble.  If I get sick, I have the choice of retroactively enrolling in COBRA.  COBRA’s not cheap, so let’s all cross our fingers on a healthy me.

Biting the Bullet

I talk a lot about Project V and my goals on this blog, but when am I actually going to do something about it?  Why am I just sitting here twiddling my thumbs, working as a tax accountant?

That’s easy!  I’ve got two words – cash and experience.  I don’t have either of them, at least not enough.

So let’s talk about the second word (I’ll circle back to #1 later) and what I’m going to do to change the fact that I don’t have much experience in running a venue.  Alright, let’s face it – I have no experience whatsoever, but who’s keeping tabs on this anyway?  As much as I’d love to be hired as a venue coordinator at the moment (and if anyone knows somebody, speak up!), no one is going to hire an inexperienced CPA.  I tried applying for UCLA’s event services and my resume was rejected.  Twice.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled for opportunities via Craigslist and the rest of the internet, but my confidence is pretty low.

Another obstacle to gaining experience is the fact that I have a full-time job wherein I put in over 40 hours a week.  Last I checked, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of free time to do things like finding my dream job.  When you factor in how much I loathe my current day job, I think the most obvious solution is to quit.  I’m scared, you guys!  I’ve been out of college five years and have always had a cushy cube job with a regular salary and health benefits.  What happens now?  Do I quit so I can focus on different ways to get my foot in the door?

Venues are expensive.  They’re capital intensive, especially when it comes to the start-up costs.  Since I don’t have a trust fund or wealthy inheritance, I’m pretty much working with what I’ve saved up in the past five years.  I’m going to be upfront about money with you guys, because I think this will benefit those who may be in my same position now.

Piggy Bank

Image via Bed, Bath & Beyond

At the moment, I have $100,000 to invest, plus a cushion that will support me for 3-4 months.  In Los Angeles, $100,000 doesn’t get you a lot of real estate, especially when you’re required to put at least 30% down for commercial property.  And don’t forget closing costs of at least $10,000 and construction/renovations.

To review, I have no experience as a venue coordinator, would like to quit my current job so I can try to get experience, yet I do not have enough money to acquire and build a venue.  Ideally, I would continue to work and save until I had enough money.  Realistically, I hate my job and come home miserable every day.  The solution is that I am going to quit in February.  Quitting in February buys me enough time to save for future big-ticket items (e.g. birthday gifts and our honeymoon), add to my savings about another $5,000 and save up some money to support myself during my “unemployment.”  This also buys me enough time to seek and close escrow on a residential rental property (lenders aren’t going to lend money to an unemployed bum like myself!).  That’s right, folks.  I am taking part of that $100,000 and putting it into real estate.  My hope is that the appreciation will help out when it finally comes time to invest in the venue property.

If I am resigning in February, what will I do during my unemployment?  How long will I stay jobless for?  What about health benefits?  Who’s paying for my living expenses?  Will we finally get that pet dog?  The answers will be revealed next week!