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Is That Your Final Answer?

This week, I’m afraid to admit that I hesitated.  What if the venue isn’t a good idea and I wind up failing?  I tried to think of alternative ideas, ideas to open a different shop that just so happened to double as a venue.  A bakery that hosts events?  You could get married and have a fresh cake right out of the oven!  Or maybe I should just give up this capital-intensive dream, get married, have a kid and continue working in finance at a ho-hum job?  At least I’ll have job security, a 401k and a steady paycheck.  I could be a chicken and not be broke forever!!  I know I’m being a dramatic chicken.  Cluck cluck. 

How do the successful entrepreneurs do it?  Did they ever question what they were doing and getting themselves into?  How many failures did they have before they reached success?  What do they spread on their bagels? 


So what happened?  I started considering the job I have now.  I definitely feel unappreciated.   After being here for almost two years, I’ve only moved inches.  I’m miserable, but this company I work for is awesome.  I love the energy, the enthusiasm and I am so proud of the products created here.  For the first time, I’m excited to tell people whom I work for.  But seriously, the job sucks.  What if I had a different position in the same company?  I could request to be moved to a different function of finance, keep the great pay and benefits and work with people whom I can connect with.  The work won’t necessarily be any more challenging than it is now, so I might get bored, but I’d be happy wouldn’t I?  Yea, I don’t know either.  The hours would be long, and I’d have to put off any progress I want to make with Project V for another 2 years. 

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to stick with plan A.  So now it’s time to focus on February 2011.  Wish me luck, ya’ll!  I’m so going to need it.


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